How To:

How To: Ballet Bun

How To: Stage Make-up

What you will require to get the dancers look:

  • Red Lipstick
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Pink Blush
  • Loose Powder (matching skin tone)
  • Liquid Foundation (slightly darker than skin tone)
  • Dark Brown eye shadow
  • White eye shadow
  • Fake eyelashes


  1. Apply your liquid foundation all over your face including eyelids and under the jaw blending towards the neck
  2. Apply your blush generously to your cheeks, sweeping up towards your temple
  3. Apply your loose powder to your face making sure to press it in to set your foundation and blush
  4. Apply your white eye shadow to the whole eyelid (eyelash line to under eyebrow)
  5. Apply your dark brown eye shadow to the crease of your eyelid swooping the outside up towards the outer eyebrow
  6. Apply your black eyeliner in a thin line swooping the outside line up towards the eyebrow creating a ‘wing’
  7. Apply your fake eyelashes (they might have to be trimmed to fit your eye shape or size)
  8. Curl eyelashes with the fake eyelashes using an eyelash curler
  9. Apply one coat of black mascara to eyelashes, powder with loose powder to thicken your lashes, apply another coat of mascara
  10. Apply your red lipstick to your lips, powder with loose powder to set lipstick, apply another layer of red lipstick and blot (close your lips over your pinky finger and pull your finger out. This will remove any lipstick that may transfer to your teeth)

How To: Measure for Costume

Follow these simple tips when you’re ready to take body measurements.

  • Have your dancers wear undergarments or a lightweight leotard with a bra that gives the bust line its typical shape for most accurate measurements.
  • Have your dancer stand straight with their weight evenly distributed.
  • The measurement tape should be snug but not too tight on circumference measurements and stretched tight for vertical measurements.


Getting the Measurements:

  • Girth – Girth is the most important measurement when determining size! To measure girth, place a tape measure at the top of the shoulder where a leotard strap sits, then down through the crotch and back to the same shoulder. Measuring tape should be close to the body but not tight.
  • Bust/Chest – Measure over the fullest part of your chest with your arms relaxed at your sides.
  • Waist – Measure around where your waist naturally indents. Keep your finger between the tape and your belly.
  • Hips – Measure around the fullest part of the hips and buttocks while standing with your heels together.
  • Inseam – Measure from the crotch to the bottom. The inseam length is the number of inches, to the nearest half-inch.