Important Dates - Dance

Important Dates

First Day of Dance : Monday, September 12

Dance Show Ticket Pre-Sales: Tuesday, April 4

Dance Show Ticket General Sales: Tuesday, April 11

Last Day of Dance: May 1 (Friday classes end on May 5)

Dance Show Rehearsals: May 6-9

Dance Show Performances: May 11-14

2023/2024 Dance Registration – Returning Dancers: June 12

2023/2024 Dance Registration – New Dancers: June 19

Scheduled Days Off

Note: Every class has 27 weeks of instruction

September 30 (National Day for Truth and Reconciliation)

October 8-11 (Thanksgiving)

October 31 (Halloween)

November 11 (Remembrance Day)

December 14-18 (Holy Trinity Arts Festival)

December 19-January 5 (Winter Break)

February 20 (Family Day)

February 27-March 5 (Teachers Convention)

April 8-14 (Spring Break)

May 2-4 (To create equal days off for all classes)

Rescheduled Classes

Due to statutory holidays, Friday dance classes will end on May 5. Dance classes on all other days of the week will end on May 1.

Make-up classes for classes cancelled due to Halloween will take place on Monday, December 19 at the regular class time. Reminders will be sent out.

The full schedule for make-up lessons is as follows:

December 14: Jr Lyrical, Beginner Lyrical, Intermediate Lyrical, Advanced Lyrical, Pinnacle Lyrical

December 15: Pointe Conditioning, Beginner Pointe, Intermediate Pointe, Intermediate Foundation Ballet, Intermediate Ballet, Ballet 1, Hip Hop 1D, Musical Theatre 2, Musical Theatre 3

December 16: Intermediate Tap, Tap 1

December 19: Ballet 2, 3, 4, 5 & Intermediate Ballet, Jr Jazz/Tap A, Hip Hop 1A, Hip Hop 2A, Hip Hop 3

April 8: Pre-Primary Ballet B, Primary Ballet B, Jr. Jazz/Tap C, Jazz 1, Creative Movement C, Hip Hop 2C

Dancers should arrive for their make-up lessons at the regular class time.