Rental Space at Father Patrick Mercredi Community High School

Venue Information
Father Mercredi Community High School offers a number of spaces to meet your specific needs!


Our large gymnasium is 96′ x 106′. 

Features of the large gymnasium:

~2 Volleyball Courts, 6 Badminton Courts
~Sound System
~Projection Unit and Screen


Our small gymnasium is 53′ x 93′. 

Please note that the small gymnasium does not have a sound system. 

Features of the small gymnasium:

~1 volleyball court, 3 badminton courts

For groups requiring the space for sports related activities, please note that sports equipment is NOT provided as part of your rental.

The gyms are not available for non-sporting related activities. Please consider your event at Holy Trinity Catholic High School.

Rental Rates Non-Profit Rate Commercial/Business Rate
Large Gymnasium $86.75/hour + GST $115.50/hour + GST
Small Gymnasium $57.75/hour + GST $93.50/hour + GST


~Sound System (cables not provided)
~Projection System and Screen
~Stage Area available

Cafeteria Space Non-Profit Rates Commercial/Business Rates
With Stage $115.50/hour + GST $154.00/hour + GST
Without Stage $86.75/hour + GST $115.50/hour + GST


Rental Rates
Not for Profit Rate $28.75/hour + GST
Business/Commercial Rate: $46.25/hour + GST


Having an AGM, committee meeting, seminar or workshop? Our affordable classrooms may be perfect for your next (responsibly socially distanced) gathering!

We have a number of different classrooms to suit your needs. All feature:

~Attached desks and chairs or separate desks and chairs
~Computer and S.M.A.R.T. Board
~White Board

Classroom rentals do not include supplies like white board markers, paper, writing materials etc. Participants need to supply their own equipment.

Rental Rates
Not for Profit Rate $28.75/hour + GST
Business/Commercial Rate: $46.25/hour + GST



We have equipment and supplies that can easily be added to your booking!
Please note: These items are not available to rent for use outside of Father Mercredi Community High School.

Equipment Rental Rate (Non-Profit) + GST
Folding Chairs $1.50/each
Folding Tables $7.50/each
Table Cloths (Black) $10.00/each

REQUIRED ITEMS (that may apply to your rental)

Insurance – mandatory for events if alcohol is served.  Price depends of size of event

Security Fees (mandatory for events over 150 if alcohol is served): Price depends on size of event

Additional Care-taking Fees: $95.25+ GST. All events serving food will be automatically charged care-taking.

Bouncy castles and other inflatables and candles with flames are not allowed in the rented spaces.